How To Know if Your Rats Are Hoarders

Ever wonder if your rats had some slight problems knowing exactly what to keep and what to throw away? Well if you do, here’s the easiest way to figure out whether or not your pets are hoarders.

Step 1. Remove all pieces of furniture from your rats’ cage (this means things like houses, hammocks, etc.)

Step 2. Do you see a scene similar to this?

2013-04-03 12.26.17 2013-04-03 12.27.36

Step 2b: Remove all of the stuff that you find, so that you can look at it as a whole.

Step 2c: Does it look kind of like this?

2013-04-03 12.35.24

Step 3: If it does, then congratulations! Your rats are definitely hoarders.

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One thought on “How To Know if Your Rats Are Hoarders

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