Happy “I Luvv Zwvasv Day”!

To celebrate the best holiday in April, Sinai decided to release her new invention that will revolutionize society- the StokkerKam™!



The StokkerKam™ (short for “StalkerCamera) helps you keep track of everyone you know from your friends to your psycho of a sister! All you have to do is install the StokkerKam™ CaijeBarz™ onto your cage, and suddenly, you will be hidden from all eyes (except for your own)! You can watch your enemies do stupid things and remind them of all the stupid things they did in a conversation later! Watch your “friends” talk about you behind your back, then ditch them! No one will know that you are spying on them. No one will be able to see you zooming in on them with your StokkerKam™ SooperZüm™ lenses (available for $399.99 as an add-on) to see all the gritty details that you weren’t supposed to know (haha). No one will see you taping them doing embarrassing things (like looking just like a certain rat named Soigné), and when you later show everyone the video, they’re going to wonder how in the world you got it. But obviously you didn’t tape them because they didn’t see you! It’s absolutely foolproof! Buy your StokkerKam™ today! Or else Sinai will murder you in your sleep….


Call (123) STOKKER to purchase your items

Shipping and handling not included

Tax rates may will definitely apply

>> Models

StokkerKam™ Prhimitiv $499.99

StokkerKam™ Bésik $999.99

StokkerKam™ Advanst $1499.99

>> Accessories

CaijeBarz™ 0.5 $199.99

CaijeBarz™ 1.0 $299.99

Signed Case $499.99

SooperZüm™ lenses $399.99

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Sometimes, I like to dream about talking to Sinai the Great, and I think that I'll never be able to do that. But then I remember that I can just comment on one of her many fantastic blog posts, and I immediately cheer up.

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