Amazing New Invention!

Ever want a rat-like product that can do pratically anything, like be a pillow? We know you have. Don’t deny it. And because you want something like this so much, you should buy the EverydaySoigné™ (only $999999.99 w/o shiping & handling). It looks a lot like the famous Sinai the Great’s sister, Soigné (who it was named after), but it does way more than the actual rat does. Real-Soigné makes burnt toast for breakfast; EverydaySoigné™ is your breakfast. (She tastes delicious, by the way.) She is also your table, pillow, secretary, popularity-raiser, and so much more! (And besides, Real-Soigné is hard to replace. EverydaySoigné™ is easily replaced if it you accidentally kill it.) EverydaySoigné™ reduces the need to buy all sorts of extra products that you don’t really need, since EverydaySoigné™ does it all. Just look at what Sinai the Great does with her EverydaySoigné™.


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One thought on “Amazing New Invention!

  1. […] of wa–” replied the equally-evil clone, Siognè, only to be zapped by Sinai’s EverydaySoigné™ Gun and disintegrate into miscroscopic particles […]

Sometimes, I like to dream about talking to Sinai the Great, and I think that I'll never be able to do that. But then I remember that I can just comment on one of her many fantastic blog posts, and I immediately cheer up.

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