The Sinai Theme Song

The Sinai Theme Song

to the theme of “I Love You” by Barney and Friends

I love me,

You love me,

Everybody loves me

So now kiss me on the snout, or you are gonna die!

Just kidding; my name’s Sinai.


Sinai does not in any way own Barney and Friends. She also does not own the “I Love You” song. It just so happens that her theme song ended up with the same melody, and she didn’t want to be sued for copyright infringement. You can stop reading here. Bye.
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One thought on “The Sinai Theme Song

  1. […] Hahaha! It’s Sinai and her friends wearing their Barney suits! Sinai is the one the purple one (whatever its name is), while Ianis is wearing the green one (whatever her name is). Lastly, Sinai’s sister (whatever her name is) is in the yellow guy’s suit (I forget what his name is). Yes, Sinai’s sister doesn’t have a white blaze on it like whatever her name is normally does, but she had her fur dyed that day. [link] […]

Sometimes, I like to dream about talking to Sinai the Great, and I think that I'll never be able to do that. But then I remember that I can just comment on one of her many fantastic blog posts, and I immediately cheer up.

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