How to Be Like Mojave As Taught By The Notoriously Annoying Rat Himself

Mojave 024

Me. I am not annoying at all, despite what Negev says about me.

Hello, there. It is Mojave. I know that my brother and his best friend, Sinai the Whatever Something-something Blight, have probably spread rumors about me and my good friend, Soigné being extremely annoying pains-in-the-tails. However, that is not true. If anyone is an annoying pain-in-the-tail, it has to be either Negev or Sinai. Their extremely distorted perspectives on life (example: Negev believing he is the king of the world) have caused them to act like crazy psychos, which they are, actually. Sometimes, Negev will steal my money because he believes it to be “me chucka-chucka right yo uggy brother.” And occasionally, Sinai will try to blackmail me into joining her fan club, which she believes is quite large, when in reality, the only members are her, Negev, her mother, and rats who she blackmails into joining.

Anyhow, I came here to write about how to be like me. It is really easy, actually.

Step 1.) Acquire a crazy psycho for a sibling.

Step 2.) Act like you normally do.

Step 3.) Wait for said crazy psycho to begin seeing you as the crazy psycho.

And that’s all there is to it! Yeah, so, if you really do want to lead a life like mine (you don’t), there it was.

p.s. I didn’t make up the title for this post.

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Sometimes, I like to dream about talking to Sinai the Great, and I think that I'll never be able to do that. But then I remember that I can just comment on one of her many fantastic blog posts, and I immediately cheer up.

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