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Ianis- Proof That She Is Real and Is NOT Sinai Pretending to be Another Rat So That She Looks Popular With the Rats

Sinai and her friend, Ianis (who is totally not another picture of Sinai photoshopped into this)Sinai and her friend Ianis hanging out. As you can see, they are both in this picture, and therefore they both exist. P.S. This picture was not photoshopped or edited or anything like that, okay?

Rats seem to have a problem with accepting that Sinai is not Ianis, and that Ianis is a real rat. They all think that Ianis is just Sinai pretending to be another rat so that it looks like rats actually care about her, but that is untrue. Yes, Sinai and Ianis are both black and white with little black dots on their bellies. Yes, their names are made of the same letters, and I know that their heights and weights are exactly the same. Not only that, but Ianis’ full title, Ianis the Amazing, Supreme Monarch of All Things, sounds like a cheap rip-off of Sinai’s, which is Sinai the Great, Divine Ruler of Everything, but, okay, maybe it is it isn’t. Even though you probably are on the bandwagon and believing that Sinai=Ianis and Ianis=Sinai, that doesn’t mean that they are the same rats. They are just… really similar. Okay, yes, Ianis’ birthday is 9/5, while Sinai’s is 5/9. But that is just a coincidence! They are both unique rats, and these photos will prove that to you. None of them are edited, so you know you can trust them.

This image was not photoshopped or altered in any way, shape or form. It may seem strange, but yes, Ianis and Sinai were playing in a completely purple world with their names floating above their precious little heads. Maybe you've never seen that before. It doesn't mean it doesn't exist. With Sinai

Ianis and Sinai, obviously. They’re not so similar that you can’t tell them apart, obviously. (Hint: Ianis is the one who was not pasted into the original picture with only one cute and fuzzy rat in it. Oh wait, that’s both of them. Nevermind.) #nofilter

This photo was not edited in any way. Ianis and Sinai just happen to look very alike. With Sinai

Here are the two hanging out on the windowsill. I know that Ianis’ shadow looks like a cheap photoshop job, but that was just the light acting funny. And, okay, her edges look sharp, but she grooms her fur a lot.


Sure, this photo doesn’t have Sinai in it, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be Ianis. I mean, seriously. Ianis looks just like Sinai! I don’t know why that is, but, anyways, this is Ianis. I have never lied, so you can totally trust me.

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Happy Birthday, Sinai!


It’s the big day! Sinai, everyone’s favorite rat, is now one (in human years) or thirty (in rat years). You should congratulate her for reaching this milestone in her life by sending her a gift. As in a very large and expensive gift. Twenty-four karat gold is preferred, but cash, checks, sterling-silver, jewelry, collectables, antiques, food, candy, coupons, gift certificates, businesses, towns, imported goods, cars, airplanes, treats, yachts, coins, and small children who would like to be her servants when they grow up are also accepted. (Mail to 5912 Seinhe Eye Rd.)

After sending your present to the world’s funniest, cutest, most lovable, sweetest, most charming, softest, furriest, and most soigné ball of happiness (aka Sinai), why don’t you head on down to one of the new Sinai $hops that recently opened. Every cent made from purchases goes to a charity that helps rats who are very nice but who are also burdened by their rotten sister(s). And don’t just buy because of charity; buy because you want everything that a Sinai $hop has– and there’s a lot of stuff in a Sinai $hop. From old sisters to feather dusters, you’ll want it all! Buy from a Sinai $hop today! (Locations not yet able to be disclosed.)

Finally, end your day by painting your claws using siPawlisshe™. It comes in 125, 373, 282 great colors.


* you will still be required to pay the $99 fee for premium shipping

Answer Key to A Quick Quiz By Sinai
b, c, c, e, d, c, b, f, a

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Only Nine More Days!


Nine is a magical number. It rhymes with the the first three letters in Sinai’s name, and if you say her nickname “NaiNai” really fast, it sounds just like nine. Also, Sinai was born on the ninth. Of May. (Which is why all Sinaidays occur on the ninth of the month.) So if you love Sinai, don’t forget to vote for her later this year to become the goddess of the number nine!

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