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Ask Sinai #12

Dear Sinai,

I am having trouble wondering why I should ask you for advice. Everyone I know says you are a huge phony who thinks she is the queen of an imaginary kingdom. Could you please give me reassurance for your advice-giving abilities?

– Doubtful Reader


Dear Doubtful,

All of these snobs are lying! My kingdom isn’t imaginary (just ask Soigne, my all purpose servant rat). Also, I’m not the queen. I’m the Divine Ruler of Everything, which means I am all powerful and would like to know the names of these liars so I may execute them. If you’re wondering why you haven’t ever heard of my title, it’s because it’s only awarded to the most humble rats who won’t brag about it. I am a very modest rat, as you very well know, so of course I was the first choice.


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Ask Sinai #11: Sinai’s Fan Mail!!!

As you may know, Sinai is an internationally beloved rat. Being so internationally beloved, Sinai naturally receives much fan mail. Reading so much fan mail can get quite tiring. (Sometimes, Sinai has to stay up until six to read her fan mail… and she wakes up at 6:30!)

However, there are some fan letters that wake Sinai up when she reads them. Of the millions of letters she has received, these are the ones she has remembered… and here they are!

P.S. These are genuine. The rats who wrote these letters are real, not, oh, you know, fake ones that Sinai has made up.

Dear Sinai

I love you very much! You are my most favorite rat! I love you so very much! I send to you lots of kisses and hugs and love in general. I love you very much! You are a wonderful rat. You are so great! I love you! Your ugly sister is not deserving of you! I love you!


P.S. I love you

Hi Sinai!

You are the best! I feel so lucky to have you as my divine ruler of everything. You are a wonderful rat. I named my children after you so that they can have a positive role model in life. I even got my husband to change his name to Sinaio because it is such a lovely name, especially compared to his old one (Swanyayo). I tried to change my name to Sinaia, but my mother won’t let me. Won’t you please write my mother and try to convince her to let me change my name?

Your #1 Fan,

Sinaiaa Dagreatus

Dearest Sinai,

I wrote a poem for you, that is how much I love you.

There once was a rat named Sinai
She was wonderful and perfect and great-ai
I love her
Everyone loves her
She is the bestest rat ever-ai!!!!!

Love from,

Lalalalalailovesinailalalalala Dadadadadadadireallyloveherdadadada

Hello Sinai,

It is I, your horrid and unworthy sister. Yes, I know you do not like me. Believe me, I understand you for feeling that way. I just want to say that I apologise for being such an awful sibling and a disappointment to the family name. I would really like to say I’m sorry for that time last week I breathed in your presence. It was disrespectful of me to do so. I have been practicing feeling emotions so that I will not do that again. I am not very good at feeling, though, so I hope that you will accept my efforts. Also, I have sent you one million gold bars, ten billion bags of yogies, three small continents, $5,000,000,000 in cash, and a giftcard to the local bakery to try and make up for all the times I have been a bad sister.


Siognè, yoor sister

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Ask Sinai #9

Dear Sinai,
You are an okay rat. I mean, you are a nice rat, but you are pretty average. I am also a very average rat. I am not exceptionally smart, funny, or talented. I was wondering how you somehow managed to become a very successful rat despite your averageness. I do not think I am destined to be big and famous like you, but I do want to live a successful life. Can you give me tips?

– Plain Old Ordinary Priscilla Bucket

Dear P.O.O.P Bucket,
Let me establish one fact before I continue: I AM NOT AN AVERAGE RAT. I am an extraordinarly witty, cute, funny, funny, smart, funny, kind, funny, adorable, attractive, funny, beautiful, exceptional, stellar, outstanding, kind, cute, hilarious, funny, funny, soigné, remarkable, poetic, funny, intelligent, kind, funny, divine, funny, graceful, gracious, funny, lovable, funny, wonderful, magical, wonderful, funny, attractive, charming, delightful, kind, funny, delightful, humble, and non-repetitive rat. I am in no way average. I don’t know what would ever make you think that that awful word could ever describe the Divine Ruler of Everything. Obviously, you are mentally diseased. I recommend you find a qualified doctor to help you find a cure (if any) to your mental illness. I believe Dr. S. I. Naithegreat, my dearest doctor friend, would be very good at helping you. She can be contacted by calling (123) LUV SISI. Now, onto your question. As you are mentally ill, I do not believe you would be able to understand any answers if I wrote them, so therefore I will not bother. Besides, insulting the most important rat alive pretty much ruins any chances you have of a successful life. I have friends in higher places than you (but lower than me).

– Sinai the Great, Divine Ruler of Everything

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Ask Sinai #7 – Special Edition: Ask Soigné

Ask Sinai a question in the comments section below. She might even be gracious enough to use some of her extremely precious celestial time to type an answer out to your question!

Dear Soigné,

I am writing to you because I hear you are an expert on being an annoying sister, and I want to benefit from your vast knowledge and experience on this subject. Here is the problem: I have annoying sister somewhat like you. She is very ugly, what with her pale butt/torso complexion and over-tanned head (it is so tanned that it is literally black). I am a very powerful rat who has no time for doing house chores, so I have employed her to take care of my business and basically be my maid/butler/cook/all-purpose servant. I even pay her quite a large amount of money for her work (much more than she would get from other employers), but she either wastes much of it on frivolous things (like toothpaste, toilet paper, and electricity) or she donates it to a charity for charming and attractive rats with names beginning with S and rhyming with NaiNai who need a little help with the necessities, like power, dental hygiene, and having something to wipe themselves with. The truth is, even though she has quite a substancial income (thanks to me), she squanders it all (although it is nice that she donates to a charity organization) and is left with a little over minimum wage, and she blames me for it. Not only this, but she is not very good at her job. Her toast is too crispy, she left a streak mark on my bottom-of-first-floor-to-ceilling-of-fifth-floor window wall, and she takes up too much space in my tiny five story sophisticated hut with a mere square footage of twenty thousand feet. As she has not responded to my kindness, I have decided that the only way to get rid of her bad habits but keep her (because I am a loving sister) is to be annoying back to her. Have you any ideas on how to be the most irritating sibling ever (second only to you, naturally)?

Soigné, I Need An Insighfulthoughtonthis

Dear S. I. N. A. I.,

You sound very much like my sister. If you could kindly write back with proof that you are not her, then I would be quite pleased to help you. Until then, if you are my sister, I just want you to know that I am not helping you to be more annoying especially since I’d have to deal with it.


Dear Soigné,

What ever makes you think I am your sister? I am too humble to be that lovely and very attractive, kind, charming, witty, intelligent, smart, lovable, pretty, beautiful, funny, remarkable, grand, and humble rat. Here is a picture of me for proof.


As you can see, I am not Sinai the Great, Divine Ruler of Everything (also known as your sister), but I would not mind if I was.

Sinai Is Not the Author (Iakamyself)

Dear S. I. N. A. (I.),

That’s a picture of me. Sorry, but I am definitely not helping you, even if you are not Sinai.


Dear Soigné,

Young lady, answer me now, or I shall lower your salary that you already complain so much about.

Still I’m Not An Innocentrat(akanotsinai)inyoureyes

Dear S. I. N. A. I.,

You can’t do that. It’s already minimum wage. Any lower is against the law.


Dear Soigné,


I am not Sinai you doubting and untrusting rodent unworthy of my letters

Dear Sinai,

Just gave yourself away. #jokesonyou


Undear Soigné,

I just passed a law making minimum wage 50¢ a year. #whosgotthelastlaughnow

I am not your sister!

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Ask Sinai #6

Dear Sinai,
    I do not know what my name is. I am pretty sure that I have one, but I don’t remember what it is. I can’t ask friends or family because I have none (I am a hermit living in the middle of Canada), and I don’t know how to read (which means whatever my birth certificate says will make no sense to me). I don’t think I’ve lost my memory because I remember other things. What can I do to retrieve my lost name?


Dear Question Mark,
    Please sign your letter with a name. I do not answe questions from anonymous sources.

Sinai the Great, Divine Ruler of Everything

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Ask Sinai #5

Dear sinaI,

    sumTimes I was haved trubble Xpressing maiself 0nlin3 ok I no that i m not a vry gud speller. it dont Used to Be So Bad! but then idk wut happened, It Got Worse. now mY fr1ndz r hating on me & actuaLLy i dont h@ve any fr1ndz anymore :( Mai inability to Xpress myself online was Mildly Annoying but nao I kant even do it rite IRL. D: wut kan I do??!!! i’ve tried a c0unselor n it Didn’t Work. i have Tried practIcing riteing liek a N0rmal Person, butt it just aint in me !! ;_; i rly want 2 have fr1ndz Nao so pleese help me ! i kant live with the Knowledge That I Could Have Fr1ndz But I Am Unanble To Have Them. thnx i rly wanna be a gooder persun

I Have Trubble Xpressing Maiself

Dear Trubble,
I am sorry. I cannot read your letter. It is not even close to normal English (what is with all the numbers and random capitalization of random letters?!), and that’s the only language I can read. Well, I can also read Rodent. But you definitely did not write in Rodent. You wrote in what I would call “Bad English”, and, as a sophisticated rat, I am unable to process what you are trying to express. Did you even run this through spell check? It looks like you didn’t. Or maybe your spell check is screwed up. I would have someone look at it, if I were you (thankfully, I am not). Also, for your information, I am not a grammar teacher. From what I did get from your feeble attempt at a letter, you want me to help you write like a normal person (I want you to learn that, too!), and I am not certified to teach such subjects. To be honest, you could have sent that to anyone other than me, and they’d probably be more of a help than I could ever be. So, sorry to not answer your question, but I CAN’T HELP YOU WITH YOUR POOR ENGLISH SKILLS!! Thank you, and good-bye.

Sinai the Great

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Ask Sinai #4

Dear Sinai,
    I am having a little problem with who I am. I know who I am, but no one believes me when I say that I am my own individual self. They all think that I am another rat pretending to be me, and that I’m not even real. I am a real rat, but everyone says that I’m just a phony making up a rat so she sounds popular. That’s not true, but no one believes me! How can I make them see the truth?

I Am Not Inother Somebody

Dear I.A.N.I.S.,
Of course you aren’t another rat pretending to be someone one else! I believe you. Sadly, however, most rats will never accept that you are your own individual rat, so it is a useless cause to continue fighting. I would find a nice rat who believes you are your own self to be friends with, and I would stay out of the public eye. If you have rats who love and believe you in your life, it won’t matter what other rats think of you. I hope this helps!

Sinai the Great

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Ask Sinai #2

Dear Sinai,

     I love your stylish and chic sense of fashion. Your fur is so sleek and cute looking. And your cute little black spot is absolutely adorable. Can you please help me become more like you? I am very ugly looking, what with my nastily boring white body and rather bland black head. (It kind of sounds like I have a lot of acne when I say that. Which is true, by the way.) I do have a little black spot, but it looks kind of stupid on my otherwise all-white belly. Also, unlike your sweet and endearing large ears, I have weird ears that are a result of being the offspring of a dumbo and regular rat. My ears are too big to be normal, but they’re too small to be cute like yours are. Lastly, my tail is very boring. Unlike your charming multi-colored tail, mine is one boring brownish-pink color. Can you please help me look more attractive? No one wants to be my friend. Not even my amazingly beautiful and lovable sister.

Swon Yhae

Dear Swon,

    You sound a lot like my sister, Soigné, so I will tell you exactly what I told her: no one can ever be as cute and charming as I am. But you can try. I would suggest buying a SinaiSüt™ ($599999.99 w/o s&h), which you wear over your normal, bland fur. It can be slightly stifling and sweaty when you wear it all day long, but it is totally worth it, since you will look exactly like me. It even adds flab to your belly so you can be pleasantly plump like me! If you are a cheapskate (like my sister), you might want to consider dying your fur. I have my own line of fur-dye colors so that everyone can look like me. SinaiBlaak™ and SinaiWightte™ are just two of the many colors I sell (two, to be exact). Each costs only $299.99 for a 2 oz. bottle (fake flab not included)! You can also buy a FaikkTayle™ ($799.99) from me. You slip it over your real tail, and it adds faux multi-colored effects to your tail. It is made of rubber, though, so it is very delicate. I would recommend not running your tail through a meat grinder while wearing it or running around in acid rain. That can be very damaging. As for your ears, I would suggest cutting off the parts that make yours look awkwardly large (but not large enough to be cute) so that you look like a normal rat. It may be painful, but you will be glad you did it later on. If you would like to learn about other products that can help make you look more like me, call (123) LUV SISI (call that number to order also). I hope this helped!

– Sinai the Great

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Ask Sinai #1

Dear Sinai,
    I am a very beautiful rat, and all of my friends agree with me. However, my sister, “Engios”, tells me that I shouldn’t talk about my beauty in public, as it may make me appear “arrogant”. Is that even a word? (P.S. I am very kind to my sister, so I am unsure as to why she is being so cruel.)

Victim of a Bullying Sister

Dear Victim,
Wow! Your sister sounds really mean. She might even be worse than mine (Soigné), and mine tried to kill me! You should stand up to your sibling. Just because she has an ugly name (I’m just guessing… I mean, if she had a pretty name, you probably wouldn’t have had to give her a fake one) doesn’t mean she can take her anger out on you. You should probably get her to a therapist. I highly recommend Dr. S. I. Naithegreat. You may not have heard of her, but she is great. I took my sister to see her, and three weeks later, Soigné was apologizing for being for being born! Here is a link to her website: Dr. S. I. Naithegreat. Oh, and by the way… “arrogant” is not a word. I have never heard of it, except for the three hundred fifty-seven times that Soigné has called me it. I believe it is a secret Evil Siblings cult word.

– Sinai the Great

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