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Sinai is Having a Fun Time With Her New Best Friend! (According to Sinai, At Least)

If you have been keeping up with Sinai the Great (AKA YOUR FAVORITE RAT), you will have noticed that she has a new best friend who also happens to be her sister. Now, you may be wondering what Sinai and Soigné do, what with them being besties. Luckily, you will not have to wonder any more. Here are some pictures of the two friends doing what friends do: being friends.


• ♥ • ♥ • ♥ •


Here is Sinai and Soigné posing for the camera. Sadly, Soigné does not know how to pose properly, which is why she is inside Sinai’s bubble. Sinai does not really mind because that is what best friends do, you know– get in their friend’s space. Still, Sinai is thankful for her quick reflexes.


Sinai was just relaxing when Soigné interfered by inserting her knife-like snout in Sinai’s nether regions. Sinai says that she doesn’t mind because best friends keep no secrets.


Side view of previous picture. You can see that Sinai must hang onto the bars of the cage for support, but that’s good because that helps Sinai exercise. Exercising is good, because it allows Sinai to play more with her buddy.

004This is Soigné grooming Sinai.


Sinai had fun getting groomed, and fortunately for her, Soigné still wanted to hang out with her. Even though the two are resting here, Soigné is showing her affection by placing her tail that is sadly not multi-colored (but she can’t help that) on top of Sinai. Awwww!


Here, Soigné is pointing her snout up. This is obviously proof of her loving intentions because she is pointing her snout up. And pointing snouts up is great because they point up. If someone points his or her snout up, it is a clear sign that said rat wants to snuggle with you in your sleep.


This is a shot of Soigné’s mouth with her teeth visible. As you can see, Soigné has very healthy teeth. Having friends who care about their dental health is good because it means that they don’t have halitosis.

Sinai 140

This is obviously a picture of Soigné sitting on Sinai to keep her warm. Soigné probably learned this love-showing tip from her I-Want-To-Be-A-Good-Friend Anonymous community group.

P.S. If you think that this post somewhat resembles Proof That Soigné is Trying to Murder Sinai? (According to Sinai, At Least), then you are out of your mind. This post doesn’t share any pictures or themes with that one! Go get your brain checked.

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SINAI’S NEW BEST FRIEND! *** BREAKING NEWS *** (The Book of Sinai Entry #4)

best friend

Who knew?! Sinai the Great, Divine Ruler of Everything (AKA YOUR FAVORITE RAT EVER) has a new best friend!

Sinai has always been a good friend. She was best friends with King Negev, Boss of You, Ruler of the World, and Master of the Universe, for a very long time. However, she just recently (as in sixty minutes ago) discovered who she calls “the rat I never noticed until now.” Now that she has found this rat, she is super ecstatic. She can’t wait to hang out with her new bestie and do all the things that bff’s do that she wasn’t able to do with Negev (because he is dead). She is also very surprised at herself for not noticing the wonderful rodent until just an hour ago.

So who is this new best friend of Sinai’s? Is it some fan or hers, or a friend who she just never hung out with? She’s neither. Hold onto your socks (if you have any on), because you’ll never believe who Sinai’s new best friend is. Below is a picture of she who is now Sinai’s best friend.


Yes, that is right. SOIGNÉ is Sinai’s new best friend. Who would have thought?! As I cannot personally explain Sinai’s change of mind (I still can’t believe it), I will leave it to Sinai’s diary to explain it. (Click to view full size.)


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