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What Day of the Week Is It Wednesday (?)

Sinai lives in a large plastic tray covered with a hollow box made of bars (aka a cage). Naturally, she does not really keep in touch with the rest of the world. I mean, she probably could if she was able to leave her cage, but she has no opposable thumbs, so that is really not possible. Therefore, she is not always sure what day of the week it is (or what day of the month, what month, what week, what fortnight, what year, what decade, what century, what millenium). It probably does not help that Sinai also does not own a calendar, but that is not her fault. She did ask Soigné for a calendar for her birthday, but Soigné sadly did not deliver. (Now Sinai has a legit excuse to blame her sister for all her time-orientation related problems, so it isn’t all that bad.)

Hey, Sinai. Please tell me what you would like to get for your birthday so I know exactly what not to get you! Haha!

Anyhow, Sinai has decided today to celebrate her obliviousness of what day it is. She used to be annoyed when she couldn’t remember whether it was Wednesday (not good) or Thursday (also not good). However, she has come to accept her being naïve and unknowing of the days as a way of life. It is actually quite beneficial. For example, when Soigné tries to be a bum and take a day off because “it is the weekend,” Sinai just pretends that she thinks that it is really Tuesday and makes Soigné do more heavy labor. And when Soigné tries to go to her book club because “it is Tuesday, and we always meet on Tuesday,” Sinai just pretends that she thinks that it is really Saturday or Sunday and makes Soigné stay home and work her monochromatic tail off. So, actually, Sinai quite likes not knowing what the day is. Please don’t ruin it for her.

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