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Hey you funny looking hairless, flat-snouted, clawless, tall-legged, tailess creatures! It’s me, your favorite cat, Olivia. Today is MEOWMEOWILOVETHECAMERA MONDAY, so to match the occasion, I decided to share some photos of me loving the camera!


I am so cute. Am I not? (Hint: Yes, I am very cute.)


Hey look! It’s Olivia, the cutest cat ever! You love me, right? Wink wink. ; )


Oh my dear holy feline in the skies! It is that extraordinarily adorable ginger feline again. How lovely she is. I will never get sick of looking at her.

007  I have beautiful eyes. Here, please look at them. Really. I don’t mind.


Time to roll my head around on this electronic device because, duh, that’s what cute cats do!

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