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Seven Thoughts Sinai Would Not Think

What does Sinai think about? You will probably never know the answer to that question (as you are not Sinai), but you can know what Sinai wouldn’t think, which is almost as good as knowing what she does think. Here are seven thoughts that you’d never catch floating around in Sinai’s massive and very intelligent brain.

“White and black fur is better than black and white fur.”
Sinai would never think this because that would mean that she would be calling her sister, Soigné, more attractive than her own divine self, and that is a lie. Sinai is a very honest rat (she is more honest than Lincoln and Washington combined) and cannot tell a lie.

“White and black fur is the same as black and white fur.”
This is even worse than the previous thought because it is a known fact that beautiful black and white fur is not the same as disgusting white and black fur. It is a horrible crime to distort the truth even if only in one’s mind, and this is exactly what this thought is doing.


Pictured above: A beautiful black and white rat (left) and a vile white and black white (right). You can clearly see how these different colors are exactly that– DIFFERENT.

“I am very stuck up and people only put up with me because my sister tells them to so.”
Sinai is not stuck up at all. In fact, she is very humble. And modest. And cute. And charming. And funny. And smart. And witty. And sweet. And lovable. And hilarious. And the envy of the town. And beautiful. And adorable. And stunning. And soft-furred. And popular. And intelligent. But mostly humble. Also, why would people not like her?

“Sometimes, I kind of overdoes when using adjectives and describing words and end up using fourteen when two would suffice.”
WHY, THIS IS POSTIVELY RIDICULOUS! It is also stupid, messed-up, a filthy lie, disgusting, poppycock, absurb, preposterous, unreasonable, outrageous, ludicrous, the work of Soigné, shocking, and insane thinking! Sinai never overdoes her adjectives.

Sinai is not a cat, nor does she wish to be a cat, so naturally, she should not think cat sounds.

This is a cat, also known as what Sinai is not.

“I under-appreciate my sister, Soigné and should try to be a better sistet in the future who values her more and puts her down less. Also, I should stop paying her such a bad salary and not force her to work as a servant at my royal palace.”
1.) Soigné CHOOSES to donate much of her very large salary to a charity that helps rats with names that begin with an S and rhyme with NaiNai, so that is Soigné’s choice. 2.) Sinai does not want to force Soigné to work, but Soigné was sentenced to life servitude at the palace of Sinai due to a very serious crime she committed (stealing an air particle from Sinai’s personal bubble). It was that or the death penalty. 3.) Soigné doesn’t have any value, so how can Sinai value her more?

Sinai does not know Latin, so how can she think it? (Although, if she did know it, she’d be thinking and saying this all day long.)

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