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Ask Sinai #11: Sinai’s Fan Mail!!!

As you may know, Sinai is an internationally beloved rat. Being so internationally beloved, Sinai naturally receives much fan mail. Reading so much fan mail can get quite tiring. (Sometimes, Sinai has to stay up until six to read her fan mail… and she wakes up at 6:30!)

However, there are some fan letters that wake Sinai up when she reads them. Of the millions of letters she has received, these are the ones she has remembered… and here they are!

P.S. These are genuine. The rats who wrote these letters are real, not, oh, you know, fake ones that Sinai has made up.

Dear Sinai

I love you very much! You are my most favorite rat! I love you so very much! I send to you lots of kisses and hugs and love in general. I love you very much! You are a wonderful rat. You are so great! I love you! Your ugly sister is not deserving of you! I love you!


P.S. I love you

Hi Sinai!

You are the best! I feel so lucky to have you as my divine ruler of everything. You are a wonderful rat. I named my children after you so that they can have a positive role model in life. I even got my husband to change his name to Sinaio because it is such a lovely name, especially compared to his old one (Swanyayo). I tried to change my name to Sinaia, but my mother won’t let me. Won’t you please write my mother and try to convince her to let me change my name?

Your #1 Fan,

Sinaiaa Dagreatus

Dearest Sinai,

I wrote a poem for you, that is how much I love you.

There once was a rat named Sinai
She was wonderful and perfect and great-ai
I love her
Everyone loves her
She is the bestest rat ever-ai!!!!!

Love from,

Lalalalalailovesinailalalalala Dadadadadadadireallyloveherdadadada

Hello Sinai,

It is I, your horrid and unworthy sister. Yes, I know you do not like me. Believe me, I understand you for feeling that way. I just want to say that I apologise for being such an awful sibling and a disappointment to the family name. I would really like to say I’m sorry for that time last week I breathed in your presence. It was disrespectful of me to do so. I have been practicing feeling emotions so that I will not do that again. I am not very good at feeling, though, so I hope that you will accept my efforts. Also, I have sent you one million gold bars, ten billion bags of yogies, three small continents, $5,000,000,000 in cash, and a giftcard to the local bakery to try and make up for all the times I have been a bad sister.


Siognè, yoor sister

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Ask Sinai #10

Dear Sinai,

My daughter spends too much time procrastinating on your site! She is going to have a big algebra test tomorrow, and she has not studied at all! I have tried turning off the internet (she just uses her 4G connection on her phone), stealing her computer (she uses mine), and even locking her in a closet with nothing but her study notes (she hacked the door to pieces and ran off to her computer). How can I get her to study? Her grades are already near failing thanks to your website, and if she does bad on this test, she will definitely fail.

– Sinai’s The Onlycauseformydaughter’s Procrastination

Dear S.T.O.P.,

You are a horrible mother! I can’t believe that you’d do such horrible things to your daughter! You need to learn that children may not want to learn what you want them to learn. I bet your daughter is planning on becoming one of my faithful servants when she grows up. She certainly doesn’t need science (not sure what algebra is exactly) for that job! Embrace your daughter’s desires and let her spend all her time on my site. Believe me, this site is actually quite educational. Your daughter will learn a lot while she is on here and will definitely not be wasting her time.

– Sinai

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