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Olivia Models The Next Big Fashion Fad: CAT CAPS


Cat caps are quite fashionable and stylish. They come in multiple sizes. The one above is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL, in case you were wondering. (In Fuzzie Bawttim Orinjish Pinkish Orinj™)

Watch out, hip hop shirts, there’s a new fashion trend in town.

What is this new, amazing, trendy item? It’s a cap… for your cat!

Cat caps are very comfortable and good for both warm and cool very cold weather. They are knit hats that you just plop onto your cat’s head. Cat caps are kind of hard to keep on the feline’s head, but who cares when your cat can look so cute?

Cat caps are part of Sinai Blight’s SinaiByootie INC. fashion line. You can also buy siPawlisshe™, Tayill Reens™, SinaiSüts™, and fur dye with your cat caps! Cat caps come in many, many colors. Buy all of them in case you find out that your cat hates a certain color!

THE MANY COLORS YOU CAN BUY CAT CAPS IN! Modeled by Oliveeyah Wutevirhernaimiz


Lait Bloo™


Stil Lait Butt Nawt Soh Lait Bloo™


Oliveeyahz Fer™


Oliveeyahz i’z™

Aren’t they cute? If you want to buy a cat cap, please call (123) LUV SISI and tell the operator the details: what color, what size (all of the caps above are XS, but you can also get XL, and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL). Depending on what type of cat you order, the price will range from $99 to $999,999. Cash only.

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Olivia Loves Her Brand New 100% Egyptian Cotton Very Loose Hip Hop Shirt That Only Cost $120!

hip hop shirt 018

Olivia poses with her genuine hip hop shirt by Kanye West. As you can see, the word “Kanye” is silk-screened (not written in permanent marker) in the inside of the collar. In case you are wondering, the stuff that is written underneath Kanye’s name is not a Hanes label. It is… decoration.

Recently, Olivia ordered an amazing and quite inexpensive shirt online. It is called the hip hop shirt, and it just arrived today. Even though she has only worn it for a couple minutes, Olivia already knows that she is going to really love her hip hop shirt.

The hip hop shirt is a beautiful and very high quality t-shirt that is totally worth the meagerly amount of $120 that you have to pay to get it. The hip hop shirt is so beautiful because it is white, and white is a very simple color. It also does not have anything on it (except for the word ‘Kanye’ written inside of it), which makes it even cooler because minimalism is trendy. Some people might say that paying $120 for a plain white t-shirt is ridiculous, but this is no ordinary plain white t-shirt. It has ribbing on the neckline. It is 100% Egyptian cotton, which is way better than regular cotton. Regular cotton is for losers! It is also very loose (it is larger than Olivia’s entire body), but that just makes you look more hip-hoppy, if you get what I’m saying. The shirt also has Kanye’s name silk-screened on the inside of its collar, which distinguishes it from wannabes. Olivia has already seen a few people who are wearing look-a-likes (which confuses her, because why would anyone not want to buy the genuine hip hop shirt?), but if she asks to see the inside of the collar, she knows that she will be able to tell if they are wearing the real thing or not.

hip hop shirt 013

Here is Olivia wearing her hip hop shirt while facing North West. Even though her very loose shirt lets in tons of drafts, she still loves it because… well, because.

Olivia finds it strange to see how many people are wearing rip-offs of Kanye’s shirt. Everywhere she goes, all she sees are white t-shirts that look like Kanye’s from the outside, yet do not have his name on the inside. She finds it very aggravating. It’s not like the shirt costs that much money. Why can’t people just buy the real thing?

I bet the person in this stock photo isn’t wearing a real Kanye West shirt. Ugh, cheap people. They disgust me.

Olivia likes to wear her hip hop shirt with no pants (as it is very large and pretty much covers that half of her), and it makes her feel like a hip hop cat. Sometimes, she puts her chains on, and it makes her feel even more hip hop-ish.

hip hop shirt 017

Thanks, Kanye! You really make me feel like a rapper cat. I don’t know how I’d go around if I wore another white shirt.

Overall, Olivia has been quite satisfied with her purchase. She would definitely purchase another shirt (perhaps in dark navy this time), but unfortunately every item in Kanye’s clothing line (which includes Kanye Jeans, only $265, and a couple sweatshirts that sell for $280) is sold out. Which is just too bad because Olivia really needs a sweatshirt to warm her up (again, she gets drafts in her very loose hip hop shirt), and she doesn’t know how she could get along with a sweatshirt that isn’t designed by Kanye West. She certainly wouldn’t feel like a hip hop cat then.

At some indefinite point in the future – Should these people change their band’s name to ‘Hip Hop Shirts’?

That actually has a pretty nice ring to it. 

Also, Is Taylor Swift planning on selling a $1200 white/dark navy “Country Pop Dress” to steal Kanye’s profits? Has she even started designing it yet?

Yo Kanye, I’m really happy for your bank account, and Imma let you finish, but BEYONCÉ WOULD RATHER WEAR MY COUNTRY POP DRESS THAN YOUR STUPID HIP HOP SHIRT.

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