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Hey you funny looking hairless, flat-snouted, clawless, tall-legged, tailess creatures! It’s me, your favorite cat, Olivia. Today is MEOWMEOWILOVETHECAMERA MONDAY, so to match the occasion, I decided to share some photos of me loving the camera!


I am so cute. Am I not? (Hint: Yes, I am very cute.)


Hey look! It’s Olivia, the cutest cat ever! You love me, right? Wink wink. ; )


Oh my dear holy feline in the skies! It is that extraordinarily adorable ginger feline again. How lovely she is. I will never get sick of looking at her.

007  I have beautiful eyes. Here, please look at them. Really. I don’t mind.


Time to roll my head around on this electronic device because, duh, that’s what cute cats do!

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Olivia Thinks About The World


Olivia loves to sit on the floor and think about the world. She does it quite often, in fact. Usually, she contemplates about an hour or so a day, but occasionally, she will just spend an entire day thinking about bigger things, like why her owners never give her dinner on time.

Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful cat named Olivia who liked to think about the world. Sometimes, she thought about pollution, global warming, and politics, but mostly, she wondered why humans decided to name the place “Earth.” Olivia thought that that had to be one of the grossest sounding words she had ever heard (after dog, canine, and barking maniac, of course), and she had always been confused as to why all of the incredibly advanced humans who possessed the magical power of THUMZ chose that disgusting and repulsive sounding word for the name of the very planet they lived on. Why didn’t they name the place something more euphonious like, hmm perhaps… Oliviatopia? Or maybe Cutegingercatland? Even Sweetandadorablefelineplanet would have been a better choice. No matter how many times Olivia tried to ask her humans this very complex and deep-thought-proving question, they never answered/gave her an answer. However, this very smart orange tabby did draw one conclusion from the unexisting responses of her dear human friends, which was that Cat-Jesus obviously had punished them all for giving Earth such a disgusting sounding name by removing their most special ability: their understanding of the melodious and soothing-to-the-ear cat language. What a shame.

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