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Back to Normal + 5 gifs + Negev

Sorry for the irregular posting these last two weeks. I just finished my last final, so we should be good from now on. (Note: I am now posting one post daily instead of two each day on the weekends.) Also, there are a couple new pages up that are written by Sinai’s best friend, King Negev. [link] To make it up for everyone for being off-schedule, here are 5 gifs of Sinai and her sister. (They don’t work when I post the actual picture, so you have to click the links.)

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

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For the next fortnight, posts may not be on the regular schedule due to the fact that I have finals coming up in a week.

Sorry for the inconvenience

– aray (and also Sinai)

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