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Sitting like a diva

Hodge cleans his foot

Sometimes, your foot is just so dirty that there’s no time to sit in a more conventional manner.

Hodge sleeps like a diva

Hodge always knew he was going to be a diva when he grew up. It was just a question of when.

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Who Loves Cat Carriers? Hodge Does.

hodge in cat carrier

The perfect way to spend a lovely afternoon.

Hodge has been told before that cat carriers are the making of the Bad Dog Deep in the Ground, but he can’t seem to understand why. He has one himself, and he has found that he rather likes it. Not only is it lined with a towel (in a shade of green that nicely complements his eyes), it also has floor-to-ceiling windows and a skylight! Plus, it is just the right size so that he can sit in it, but Podge can’t. (Which is nice, as Podge does not smell very good.)

hodge plays in cat carrier


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Chain Reaction


Hodge (top)  wonders who is grabbing his tail under the shelf, so he looks down and bats at the cat who he sees underneath him. Podge wonders who who is batting at him from above the large black wooden board, so he grabs the tail that is sticking out from above the board.

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Hodge Podge

Note: Sorry about not posting. Last week was production week for the play I was in, so I didn’t have time to update the website. : ( I will try to be more consistent now.

Recently, Olivia discovered something extraordinarily amazing and life changing: she is not the only cat in the world!

Up until that moment, Olivia had thought herself the last of her species. But that is apparently not so, as two very large grey tabby kittens walked into her life only yesterday.

At first, Olivia was confused. How can it be that I am not the only pointy-eared, pointy-toothed, furry-tailed, purring being in this world? she asked herself. Also, why are my look-a-likes printed in black and white and not in full colour?

But then the very large grey tabby kittens introduced themselves, and Olivia understood: she was not the only cat, she had just been stolen away from the other cats when she was a young kitten! Either that, or she had simply forgotten all the other cats she had once known. Probably the latter.

And now let us meet Olivia’s newest cat acquaintances…


Hodge is half of the pair of very large grey tabby kittens that Olivia met yesterday. He likes to purr loudly twenty-three hours of the day and sits on his tail the other hour. During his free-time, he sings soprano for his local community cat singers group. His favorite toy is anything that dangles from the air, including his brother’s tail.


Podge is the other half of the pair of very large grey tabby kittens. He likes sitting underneath beds and ambush unsuspecting passerby and using pieces of kitty litter as toys. Sometimes he even checks himself out in the mirror, that is how attractive he thinks he is!

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