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A Very Brief Quiz With Answers That Shall Be Passed Along to You On Saturday

This is a very brief quiz. Do not doubt my judgement, as it is indeed very brief. It is but one question long, which means that it is not at all time-consuming. I ask you, is that brief? I believe it is, but I am not you. However, if that seems like an exceptionally long quiz, then I am puzzled. What would be a short test? Half a question? A quarter of a question? I am unsure. If you do take the perhaps 2 seconds to complete this itty-bitty examination and submit your answer in the comments section below (a, b, c, or d) you will win absolutely nothing. I know, it is not a very good prize. (You can still feel good when you see if you are right on Saturday and discover that you are. Maybe you could purchase for yourself a lovely little sticker or a lollipop.) Despite a tempting award being offered on our part, you should still do this because it makes you look wonderfully diverse on a résumé and end up getting you great jobs for your entire existence. (Not guaranteed.) And who would not desire a well paying job like those that you would get because all possible employers like to know that their future employees take very brief quizzes. It is a smiled-upon thing to take tiny tests. All the bosses I have had (Sinai, Sinai,and a lady named Sinai) loved that I had a bitty quiz on my résumé. Yes, it is not really somewhere you worked, but you do work hard on all exams, and this is no exception. No one will question you anyways, as employees who do one question quizzes are very sought after. They tend to get very good paying jobs.If you are wondering where the single inquiry of this entire very brief quiz is, do not fret. It will most certainly appear soon enough. In fact, I do believe that it is immediately below this very sentence.

Did you actually read that?
    a. No
    b. Not at all
    c. No I did not
    d. All of the above

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