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Quote$ #9

“Sometimes I like to think of a world without me in it. Then I realize just how awful that would be for not only me but everyone, and I go back to thinking about my beautiful face that I am sure everybody would miss if I suddenly disappeared.”

Sinai the Great, Divine Ruler of Everything

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Quote$ #6

“For quite an abundant and uncountable amount of the minutes and hours I dedicate to the activity of working my vocal chords, I do far too often feel as if those primitive beings who I am attempting to communicate with through the medium of my pulchritudious and rather soothing voice do not comprehend the miniscule and diminutive message I try to send towards their basic and simplistic thoughts. And, not only are they incapable of processing my very simple message, but not one of the beings whom I converse with makes even the most feeble attempt at discovering the meaning and theme of my uncomplicated words. I do not understand why not one of my acquaintances has previously tried to find the message that I send through my soothing voice.”

– Sinai the Great, Divine Ruler of Everything

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