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Today is Sinai’s second birthday! To celebrate, why don’t you admire these attractive pictures of her?

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Negev Defines the Word Irascible

Stole this off my old website, sorry for being so inactive. I promise I will try to upload more from now on! ^^


According to Negev…

Irascible is a long word that sounds kinda like I rat sibble. And otherwise, I don’t know what it means. But I think it has something to do with rats, if you catch my drift. :)

According to the Dictionary…



easily provoked to anger; very irritable
negev's very valuable signature!!!
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Cute Rat Problems

It is so hard to be a cute rat! You probably wouldn’t know (because you are not a cute rat), but honestly, life is hard when you are a cute rat. Here are some of the problems that cute rats suffer.


Pictured: A cute rat (the one in the front, not the ugly lump in the back)


  1. Shopping takes forever because strangers always stop to pet you.
  2. Everyone is jealous of you.
  3. All of your friends are uglier than you.
  4. You have to eat a lot to keep up the chubby belly.
  5. You become deaf because of all your screaming fans.
  6. It is impossible to complain to others about how ugly you are (because you aren’t).
  7. In art class, everyone wants to paint you, and you can’t get your painting done.
  8. Picking clothing is impossible because it all makes you look not as cute.
  9. It is tiring to be so cute!
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What does 111213 make you think of?

What does the number 111213 make you think of? I know you aren’t thinking of anything silly like, say… a calendar date. Why would you ever think of a calendar date for goodness sakes? It’s not like today is 11/12/13! In fact, it is November 12, 2013. Write it out, you lazy chumps! But I know you are thinking of something. Of course, you are probably not thinking of the right thing.

What are you supposed to be thinking of? That’s easy. You are supposed to be thinking of Sinai’s weight in tons!

What is it, you ask? 111,213, obviously!


Pictured: Sinai’s big belly gets her stuck for the sixth time today.

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