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How To Remove Unwanted Objects From Your Photos


This is what your photo should end up looking like. No one will ever notice that the unwanted object (i.e. Soigné) magically disappeared!

Ever take a great picture… only to find your sister’s annoying but appear in the corner and distract from your lovely and charming face? It really ruins the effect. Luckily, Sinai has created a simple guide to removing these pests from your otherwise perfect photographs. Read on, and you will discover!

0.) Purchase or download a photo editting program. Recommended programs are: SinaiEdit Xpress™ and SinaiEdit Pro™ (available 5/20/2013). They are very user friendly and make this easy process even less challenging.

1.) Select the paint palette on your digital editing program. You will want to choose a very bright neon color, such as: red, flourescent orange, highlighter yellow, hot pink, lime green, electric blue, or neon purple. The brighter, the better!

2.) Using the brush tool, carefully cover up the undesired item with the color of choice. It should look like the picture above.

3.) And you’re done! Magically, you have removed the unwanted distraction from your photo. Feel free to add filters and other fun stuff to your now perfect image. It will look much better when you finish than if you had kept the ugly item you removed.

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Quote$ #6

“For quite an abundant and uncountable amount of the minutes and hours I dedicate to the activity of working my vocal chords, I do far too often feel as if those primitive beings who I am attempting to communicate with through the medium of my pulchritudious and rather soothing voice do not comprehend the miniscule and diminutive message I try to send towards their basic and simplistic thoughts. And, not only are they incapable of processing my very simple message, but not one of the beings whom I converse with makes even the most feeble attempt at discovering the meaning and theme of my uncomplicated words. I do not understand why not one of my acquaintances has previously tried to find the message that I send through my soothing voice.”

– Sinai the Great, Divine Ruler of Everything

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