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Nail Polish By Sinai

Ever wanted some great looking nail polish to impress all of your friends with? Don’t say “no”, you know you have! After all, having pretty nails is how you become popular in this day and age! And the easiest way to get great nails/claws is to buy only the best nail polish from only the most esteemed line of beauty products – siPawlisshe™ by SinaiByootie INC., the same company who brought you SinaiWightte™ and SinaiBlaak™ fur dyes! siPawlisshe™ comes in 125, 373, 282 great, affordable colors* to decorate your claws with. Tested on real rats**, these awesome colors are just what you want. No matter what you’re feeling, there’s always a color to express yourself***! Get rid of your boring, naturally-colored, healthy nails! Replace them with interesting and funky-colored claws that everyone will be jealous of.


Pupey™ is just one of the very attractive and fun colors made just for you by siPawlisshe™. Your friends will be so jealous when you show off your classy looking nails.


* Only two colors are available for commoners (Pupey™ & Klierre™). Please become a universal leader if you would like to access the 125, 373, 280 colors. :)
** siPawlisshe™ tested on Soigné Blight (definitely not Sinai the Great’s sister) for reactions to colors. Soigné was not in anyway blackmailed into liking all the colors. She really likes them.
*** You must buy all the colors in order to express yourself properly. Don’t worry, they’re very affordable.

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Ask Sinai #3

Dear Sinai,

I want to dye my fur, but whenever I try to order from your line of fur dyes, they’re always sold out! What can I do? Please help!

Your #1 Fan

Dear #1,

    Wow! Thanks for the great letter! I love knowing that so many people love me and my line of products! You are an amazing fan. Thanks for trying to purchase my fur dyes (I already knew they were popular, but I didn’t know just how much). It really means a lot to me. I bet you think that I am the most beautiful of all of my siblings. Well, you’re correct. Some people have been arguing that Swanyuck, my sister who lives with me, is actually not as ugly as I portray, which is ridiculous. Thanks for seeing the truth. You’re really helping my cause. Would you like to join my fan club? (I bet you already have. :) You’ll only be the 109, 249, 589, 109, 120, 918, 091, 932, 809, 478, 492, 847th member (and no, to all critics, I did not randomly punch the keyboard to look popular), but every member is beloved to me. I really care about you guys, you know. It’s my fanbase that makes me such a popular leader. I mean, Soigné tried to be a universal leader (like me), but since no one liked her, she failed. But everyone loves me, naturally, which is why I’m so successful. And because I know you guys love me so much, I’m going to attach a signed photo of me for everyone to this post.

signed photo

There you go. :) Have I forgot anything? Let’s see, I thanked you for being an awesome fan of me. I attached a signed photo for everyone who loves me. I told you a little story about my sister. I think I answered your question. (What was it again?) I told you how much you meant to me. Hmmm…I don’t think so. I did everything I needed to! :) Don’t forget to tell all your friends to become my fans or they die.

– Sinai the Great

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Ask Sinai #2

Dear Sinai,

     I love your stylish and chic sense of fashion. Your fur is so sleek and cute looking. And your cute little black spot is absolutely adorable. Can you please help me become more like you? I am very ugly looking, what with my nastily boring white body and rather bland black head. (It kind of sounds like I have a lot of acne when I say that. Which is true, by the way.) I do have a little black spot, but it looks kind of stupid on my otherwise all-white belly. Also, unlike your sweet and endearing large ears, I have weird ears that are a result of being the offspring of a dumbo and regular rat. My ears are too big to be normal, but they’re too small to be cute like yours are. Lastly, my tail is very boring. Unlike your charming multi-colored tail, mine is one boring brownish-pink color. Can you please help me look more attractive? No one wants to be my friend. Not even my amazingly beautiful and lovable sister.

Swon Yhae

Dear Swon,

    You sound a lot like my sister, Soigné, so I will tell you exactly what I told her: no one can ever be as cute and charming as I am. But you can try. I would suggest buying a SinaiSüt™ ($599999.99 w/o s&h), which you wear over your normal, bland fur. It can be slightly stifling and sweaty when you wear it all day long, but it is totally worth it, since you will look exactly like me. It even adds flab to your belly so you can be pleasantly plump like me! If you are a cheapskate (like my sister), you might want to consider dying your fur. I have my own line of fur-dye colors so that everyone can look like me. SinaiBlaak™ and SinaiWightte™ are just two of the many colors I sell (two, to be exact). Each costs only $299.99 for a 2 oz. bottle (fake flab not included)! You can also buy a FaikkTayle™ ($799.99) from me. You slip it over your real tail, and it adds faux multi-colored effects to your tail. It is made of rubber, though, so it is very delicate. I would recommend not running your tail through a meat grinder while wearing it or running around in acid rain. That can be very damaging. As for your ears, I would suggest cutting off the parts that make yours look awkwardly large (but not large enough to be cute) so that you look like a normal rat. It may be painful, but you will be glad you did it later on. If you would like to learn about other products that can help make you look more like me, call (123) LUV SISI (call that number to order also). I hope this helped!

– Sinai the Great

Have a question for Sinai? Comment on any post/page on this blog, and Sinai might consider answering it.

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