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Quotes #7: You Haven’t Lived Until…

What do these (mostly) fine rats and cat think about that question?

“…You no longer have to work as a servant for your brother.”

Mojave the Annoying

“…You buy all of the items from the Sinai line of products, which includes everything from nail polish (siPawlisshe™) to clothing (SinaiSüt) to fun ways to stalk your friends, enemies, and frenemies (StokkerKam™)!”

Sinai the Great, Divine Ruler of Everything

“…You join my fan club!”

King Negev, Boss of You, Ruler of the World, and Master of the Universe

“…You’ve shed on every thing in your house.”

Olivia the Cat

“…Your sister stops spelling your name wrong and mispronouncing it, even after you made a ten-page booklet all about how to pronounce it. Also, she should stop calling you a ‘blight on all humanity’, especially if her last name happens to be ‘Blight’ as well.”

Soigné the Blight on All Humanity

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Ask Sinai #5

Dear sinaI,

    sumTimes I was haved trubble Xpressing maiself 0nlin3 ok I no that i m not a vry gud speller. it dont Used to Be So Bad! but then idk wut happened, It Got Worse. now mY fr1ndz r hating on me & actuaLLy i dont h@ve any fr1ndz anymore :( Mai inability to Xpress myself online was Mildly Annoying but nao I kant even do it rite IRL. D: wut kan I do??!!! i’ve tried a c0unselor n it Didn’t Work. i have Tried practIcing riteing liek a N0rmal Person, butt it just aint in me !! ;_; i rly want 2 have fr1ndz Nao so pleese help me ! i kant live with the Knowledge That I Could Have Fr1ndz But I Am Unanble To Have Them. thnx i rly wanna be a gooder persun

I Have Trubble Xpressing Maiself

Dear Trubble,
I am sorry. I cannot read your letter. It is not even close to normal English (what is with all the numbers and random capitalization of random letters?!), and that’s the only language I can read. Well, I can also read Rodent. But you definitely did not write in Rodent. You wrote in what I would call “Bad English”, and, as a sophisticated rat, I am unable to process what you are trying to express. Did you even run this through spell check? It looks like you didn’t. Or maybe your spell check is screwed up. I would have someone look at it, if I were you (thankfully, I am not). Also, for your information, I am not a grammar teacher. From what I did get from your feeble attempt at a letter, you want me to help you write like a normal person (I want you to learn that, too!), and I am not certified to teach such subjects. To be honest, you could have sent that to anyone other than me, and they’d probably be more of a help than I could ever be. So, sorry to not answer your question, but I CAN’T HELP YOU WITH YOUR POOR ENGLISH SKILLS!! Thank you, and good-bye.

Sinai the Great

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