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Puntastic Orijinil Nok Nok Joax™ by Sinai

You may have heard similar jokes to the ones written below. However, the ones written here are the real McKoifish. The others that you have probably heard are called “knock knock jokes” (very similar sounding name, as you may have noted), and they are nothing more than cheap ripoffs. As none of them were approved by the owner of the Orijinil Nok Nok Joax™ patent (a certain Ms. Sinai Blight) before being told, they are technically illegal, and being caught telling, listening, or laughing at one can result in a minimum of ten years behind bars. However, you are allowed to listen to copyrighted and approved Orijinil Nok Nok Joax™ whenever you like.

Orijinil Nok Nok Joax™ ~ Approved by Ms. Sinai Blight

Sinai: Nok Nok
Siognè: Huze thare?
Sinai: Sinai
Siognè: [drops down to knees and worships Sinai]

Sinai: Nok Nok
Sinai: Huze thare?
Sinai: Me
Sinai: Me hu?
Sinai: Hahahaha!

Swanyuck: Nok Nok
Everyone: Go away, Swanyuck!

Swanyuck: Huze thare?
Swanyuck: boo hoo

Swanyuck: [cries]
Everyone: [goes on with their lives]

Sinai: Nok Nok
Everyone: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
Sinai: [gets showered with love]

Negev: Nok Nok
Sinai: Nok Nok
Ianis: Nok Nok
Swanyawn: Nok Nok
Everyone: Stop being a bandwagoner, Swanyawn!

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Ask Sinai #3

Dear Sinai,

I want to dye my fur, but whenever I try to order from your line of fur dyes, they’re always sold out! What can I do? Please help!

Your #1 Fan

Dear #1,

    Wow! Thanks for the great letter! I love knowing that so many people love me and my line of products! You are an amazing fan. Thanks for trying to purchase my fur dyes (I already knew they were popular, but I didn’t know just how much). It really means a lot to me. I bet you think that I am the most beautiful of all of my siblings. Well, you’re correct. Some people have been arguing that Swanyuck, my sister who lives with me, is actually not as ugly as I portray, which is ridiculous. Thanks for seeing the truth. You’re really helping my cause. Would you like to join my fan club? (I bet you already have. :) You’ll only be the 109, 249, 589, 109, 120, 918, 091, 932, 809, 478, 492, 847th member (and no, to all critics, I did not randomly punch the keyboard to look popular), but every member is beloved to me. I really care about you guys, you know. It’s my fanbase that makes me such a popular leader. I mean, Soigné tried to be a universal leader (like me), but since no one liked her, she failed. But everyone loves me, naturally, which is why I’m so successful. And because I know you guys love me so much, I’m going to attach a signed photo of me for everyone to this post.

signed photo

There you go. :) Have I forgot anything? Let’s see, I thanked you for being an awesome fan of me. I attached a signed photo for everyone who loves me. I told you a little story about my sister. I think I answered your question. (What was it again?) I told you how much you meant to me. Hmmm…I don’t think so. I did everything I needed to! :) Don’t forget to tell all your friends to become my fans or they die.

– Sinai the Great

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