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Unedited Pictures of Sinai!

All of the pictures in this post were not edited in any way. You have Sinai’s word for it, none of them were tweaked even slightly. Although some look like they have filters on them, they don’t– the lighting was just really off. Really. Sinai does not lie. All of these pictures are unedited. You may doubt it, but it is the truth.

[Links to original articles with images in them are provided]


Sinai and her friend, Ianis (who is totally not another picture of Sinai photoshopped into this)This is Sinai (in the front) with her good friend, Ianis. Ianis is not Sinai pretending to be another rat, in case you were thinking that. So what if Ianis’ name backwards just so happens to spell “SINAI?” Sinai and Ianis are their own rats, and that is proven by this completely unedited picture of them hanging out. [link]

wpid-sinai-and-olivia.pngHere is Sinai with her friend, Olivia. Olivia is sitting on her paw oddly, which is why you can’t see the rest of her body. And yes, Sinai is bigger than Olivia… and tinted pink. [link] [link]

This image was not photoshopped or altered in any way, shape or form. It may seem strange, but yes, Ianis and Sinai were playing in a completely purple world with their names floating above their precious little heads. Maybe you've never seen that before. It doesn't mean it doesn't exist. With Sinai

Just Ianis and Sinai hanging out again. Ianis is the one in the front. You may have noticed that she looks an awful lot like Sinai, but that is just the way things are. Also, I would like to confirm that Ianis and Sinai were in a completely purple world, and their names were hovering above their heads. [link]


What a cute rat! I wonder why that red blob is there… well, I know it’s definitely not because the picture was EDITED, right? As for the radiating lines, the light was funny. Don’t blame Sinai. She didn’t alter this picture at all. [link(Please ignore the name of the article which this link links to.)


Hahaha! It’s Sinai and her friends wearing their Barney suits! Sinai is the one the purple one (whatever its name is), while Ianis is wearing the green one (whatever her name is). Lastly, Sinai’s sister (whatever her name is) is in the yellow guy’s suit (I forget what his name is). Yes, Sinai’s sister doesn’t have a white blaze on it like whatever her name is normally does, but she had her fur dyed that day. [link]


Sinai working out at the gym. Nothing phony here. [link]

This photo was not edited in any way. Ianis and Sinai just happen to look very alike. With Sinai

Ianis (right) and Sinai (left) again. Nothing phony here, either. It’s just a coincidence that the two happened to be in the exact same position at the exact same time. [link] [link]

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A Sinai Tale #4: Sinai Goes to the Gym

werking out

Once upon a time, there was a lovely rat named Sinai. She was extraordinarily beautiful, but alas, her evil sister, Soigné, would have none of it. Indeed, Soigné even wanted Sinai to change her perfect ways.

“Oh my divine Sinai, Sinai! You are so chubby and not at all in shape! I think you should go to the gym and shed a few pounds,” said the cruel and plotting Soigné.

Sinai did not feel the need to go to the gym. She was pleasantly plump, after all, and she had always found skinny rats rather unattractive. Especially those grey, ungroomed ones that lived in the streets and always hissed at her for not “helping the poor”, whatdver that meant. Plus, she didn’t like Soigné, so even if she did want to go to the gym, the fact that her sister had suggested it would have turned her away.

“I am not going to the gym,” said Sinai forcefully.

“Uh, yes you are,” replied the violent and forceful Soigné. “I don’t care if I die trying; you are going to the gym. You can protest all you want, but it will be good for your health if you go, and I want you to live a long, healthy life. Despite what you may think, I actually care about you.”

“No you don’t! You just want to get rid of me so that you can assume my position as the Divine Ruler of Everything!” shouted Sinai, who really did not want to go to the gym now. “I knew I should have sent you to that nunnery! You could have learned some important lessons from that!”

Soigné glared at her uncooperative sister and, without warning, grabbed Sinai and stuffed her into a dirty potato sack.

“Ahh! HELP ME!” screamed Sinai, who could only see the rough and earthy inside of the sack. “Where are you taking me?! HELP! I’m too young to die, and I haven’t even named a successor yet!”

“I’m taking you to the gym,” said the vicious and evil Soigné. “You are going to do some hardcore working out, whether you want to or not. And you are going to live a long life so that you will not need to name a successor for a long time.”

And so, despite her immediate dislike for working out, Sinai ended up spending a full four hours at the gym (which she was locked into) having absolutely no fun at all, thanks to her cruel sister

Screw this, Sinai would never go to the gym, whether out of her own free will or dragged in a potato sack. She would have just ordered Soigné to be taken to the nunnery.


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